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Damage Control & Prevention

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Skin is the forgotten body system. Even though everyone wears it on the outside, few are aware of how skin reveals overall health. Many skin conditions or skin cancers are ignored until they become debilitating problems. We partner with our patients to diagnose, treat, and prevent skin concerns for the best medical outcomes.  Our clinic is committed to increasing awareness and accessibility to promote healthy skin in every stage of life.



Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer is more than just sun damage. Although sun exposure can contribute to the risk of skin cancer, so can personal history, family history, genetics, skin type, hair color, and age. Regular skin exams are necessary for overall health management, especially for patients over 40 or with personal risk factors. Our thorough exams not only evaluate your risk, but also educate for increased awareness and preventative measures.

Dermatology Consultation

Patch Testing

Rashes often develop from contact skin allergies that cannot be diagnosed with traditional allergy testing. Patch testing determines what is causing the allergic reaction – whether it be an ingredient in your shampoo, a substance in your work environment, or your favorite perfume. Our patch testing provides evaluation of up to 80 different contact allergens to determine your specific allergens and the best way to prevent and treat allergic skin reactions moving forward.

Light Therapy

Light therapy treats chronic skin disorders and wide-spread actinic keratosis (precancers).  Many patients come to us discouraged with failed topical treatments, often covered in debilitating eczema, psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis. We have witnessed many success stories with our in-office UVB light therapy treatments. 


Blu-u light therapy targets and destroys pre-cancer cells. By eliminating the cancer cells early, surgical intervention can be avoided. This treatment minimizes the risk of scarring for larger areas on the face, scalp, arms, or legs.


Skin Disorders

Like all body systems, skin is complex. We seek to guide our patients towards treatment methods that actually work, based on their unique needs and evidence-based practice.  To the most effective treatments to meet their unique needs. Our office provides evaluation, treatment, and education for conditions like eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, rosacea, acne, contact allergies, hair loss, and scarring. We pursue accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment plans to achieve healthy, clear skin.

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More Services:

Surgical Services

Every surgical procedure is evaluated according to best medical practice standards. Advanced skills in excision and repair allow for aesthetic considerations and minimal scarring.


We regularly collaborate with multiple specialties to pursue the best surgical outcomes for our patients. Most of our surgeries performed within our on-site procedure room or local outpatient facilities.


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