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Repair & Renew

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Every surgical procedure is evaluated according to best medical practice standards. Advanced skills in excision and repair allow for aesthetic considerations and minimal scarring. We regularly collaborate with multiple specialties to pursue the best surgical outcomes for our patients. Most of our surgeries performed within our on-site procedure room or local outpatient facilities.



Excision & Repair

When your diagnosis requires surgical removal and suturing, you will find capable staff and providers at our practice to ensure positive outcomes and minimal scarring.  We are able to perform most surgical procedures in our clinic with local anesthetic.  We work closely with Plastics, ENT, and General surgeons for collaboration and referrals to ensure you receive the best care for your specific needs.


Cosmetic Removal

We regularly perform procedures for removal or reduction of benign lesions, skin growths, scar tissue, or dark spots. We will discuss the various options and price points to consider for your specific concerns so that we can pursue the best options for your desired outcome.

Biopsy & Pathology Services

Accurate diagnosis is the catalyst for appropriate treatment and peace of mind. If you have a lesion, growth, or skin concern that needs pathologic evaluation, we are able to provide same-day biopsies during scheduled appointments.  We are fortunate to partner with board-certified, fellowship-trained team of dermatopathologists to assess every biopsy we perform for thorough and accurate diagnosis.



There are several instances when a concerning skin lesion needs removal, but it is superficial enough to be effectively treated with cryosurgery. This method utilizes a controlled amount of liquid nitrogen to freeze small precancerous spots (actinic keratosis) and destroy cancer cells before they require surgical intervention. In some cases, cryotherapy can be considered for cosmetic removals or small benign growths.

Electrodesiccation & Curettage (ED&C)

When your diagnosis requires something between surgical removal and cryotherapy, ED&C is often the right match. This surgical technique allows the provider to remove effected layers of skin with a curette instrument and then use electrocautery device to target remaining cancer cells and seal the area. This procedure is performed in office with local anesthetic and does not require suturing.

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More Services:

Medical Aesthetics

Healthy skin has a built-in system to rejuvenate and renew. Our aesthetic services work with the natural processes of your skin to restore youthfulness, reverse sun damage and stimulate collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid that naturally tighten, brighten, and give skin a healthy glow.


Make-up becomes a highlight of what you love, instead of a cover-up for what you don’t. While we evaluate treatments and desired outcomes, we also educate to encourage life-long healthy skin and preventative care.

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